Monday, October 31, 2011

Wanna Answer That Question !!

✿Salam 1 Malaysia✿
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Four days ago I'm join Tagged Game in blogger and I'm tagged my dear to join this game. His joined but didn't enough follower to tagged back so he decide give who wanna answer his question can answer its. Its mean I can answer that question rite.. Yeahh I wanna answers all ur question dear.. Ektuali he didn't allowed me to answer but I still wanna answer its. Do I care!! Weekkk  

So this Question from Mr.J that I want answer :   
Your full/real name??
U know its !!

How old are you??
This important information u know also !!

Do you enjoy Blogging??
Yes. I really enjoy its especially when u joined me to enter in this blogger world.

Comedy or Romance??
Both !!

Music Gender??
For me, its depend on that song not on gender. If nice on my ears, so Layan lah !!

What's your dream??
Marry You !! Haha

How do you spend your free time??
Call You or Dating wif mY bLog.

Do you have boyfriends/girlfriends??
Of Course, Yes !!

How do you meet him/her??
Ermmm.. Read This !!

Last romantic thing someone do for you??
He call me ~ He Gave Romantic Words ~ He makes me happy until I forgot my illness. Thanks dear.. 

Stupidest thing you've done to get attention of someone you're attracted to??
Chat wif someone else to make him jealous. The most stupid thing I have done but it makes him gave me more attention and loving. 
To all my buddy, U also can answer its ok.. Its nice question to answer rite.. If u answer its, let me & Mr.J know so we can comments ur answers.. 

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Mr.Jun / Mr.J said...

dear2 sorry sangat2 >.< dy x-sempat baca post nie dlu sbb dah x aktif main blog >.< adess.... tp tngk ur answer kan dear verry nice... if i'm a teacher i give 100 star hehe...