Thursday, November 17, 2011

Borneo Paradise Resort I'm Here !!


Waaaaaa lamanya tak hapdet. seminggu rasa setahun. +.+ Ektuali baru 5ari pun tp da mcm setahun da. Macam msuk asrama da ni. Kelas dr pagi sampai mlm.. Sangat penat rasanya berada di GEMS ni tp menyeronokkan. Banyak sangat benda yg aq dapat bljar d cni. Perkara yg selama ni tak pernah ku ketahui telah dapat ku rungkaikan di cni..  Sangat-sangat bersyukur menjadi salah seorang dari participated GEMS ni. Di sni juak kami ditegaskan untuk berbahasa English so can improved my English communicated. 

I want to try write this entry in English language. Don't care whether have mistake or typing error or grammar prob, coz I want to learn. PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT!! Do I rite? If I have a mistake please let me know don't just laught at me Ok ? I want to share my experience and outcome while I'm in GEMS programs. 

In here I got alot new friends, improved self-confidence and learn how to communicated in English properly.  Even I so tired and sleepy coz didnt enough sleep but I did not sleep in class. Because of what ?? Because of the motivator is the best among motivator I have meet. His so professional person. I'm glad to become his trainee. But Today is the last day he with us coz he juz teach module 1. His give us encourage to speak in-front, to throw-out shy behavior, Increase self-confidence. Thanks alot Mr. Hj. Shukri for all of ur tips, info and learning that ur give me. U are THE BEST !!

In Module 1 have 18 group and I in group P which is we named it PROFESSIONAL. I hv learn how to work as Teamwork, become a Professional, Fast-Learner, Excellence person, Improve my Self-Discipline, Integrity, and become more Innovative. Alot of games and practicing we hv done in team and I glad and so happy coz my team as a third place winner in this module. Its means we have improve our SELF-EFFICACY (The power to produce an effect) !! ^_____^

I want to write all of my activities in this 5 days but now im getting very sleepy. So I will continue again later oK. Thanks coz always stay and loyal with me.. Love u all.


echaRierie said...

wow ! impressive..
u've changed a lot after joined that prog.
All the best to You Suer..

✿Cik Suer✿ said...

Thnks alot cha.. Yah I hv learn alot here.. so glad be here.. ^___^

babymyn said...

saya follow awk, follow sye blk yea (:

Faz Abas said...

I'm glad that you've joined the programme as many will not as it is a non-permanent position and the allowance is small. I know that you will find the programme beneficial and wish you all the best.

Honestly, you really need to brush up your English. I suggest that you enrol in British Council, Cambridge Learning Centre or any place that teach English to improve your written and spoken English.

Ability to converse in English language is very crucial nowadays as many employers looking for graduate/ candidate that can articulate in English.

Just my 2 cents view and jangan marah, ye.

Kalau ada masa, jom join contest acik di